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NPTC Through the Years

Affordable Equity Partners, Inc. (AEP) has been a proud supporter and sponsor of the National Premium Tax Conference for nearly 20 years. Although we are not able to enjoy the National Premium Tax Conference with you in person this year, we will look back on fun memories from years past until 2022, when we can (hopefully) see you again in Reno!

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The AEP Difference

Affordable Equity Partners, Inc. (AEP) is a leading federal and state tax credit syndicator who partners with our investors to make social and economic impact investments through the development of affordable housing. AEP provides a full range of investment banking services for those seeking to finance, build, purchase, rehabilitate or invest in affordable multi-family housing. We develop, build, manage and invest in quality housing where our families would be proud to live. Since 1997, AEP has invested in about 24,000 homes in 434 communities and has served the growing need for affordable housing across 16 states. We have successfully syndicated over $4 billion in tax credits to build or preserve homes for working class families and seniors.

We are committed to gaining and maintaining your trust by providing a level of responsive and customized services that are unmatched in the affordable housing industry. AEP’s vision to enhance the quality of life in every community we serve supports the AEP difference.

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Affordable Equity Partners is not a broker. We invest our capital up front and remain the general partner with our investors through the entire investment period. The investment funds are structured so that a meaningful portion of AEP’s benefit from the investment is not realized until the end of the investment period. This structure provides additional security to investors by incentivizing AEP to ensure all tax credit investments are delivered as promised to our investors.


Affordable Equity Partners does not rely on investor financial contributions before properties are identified. Each property in our investment funds are underwritten and acquired by AEP prior to seeking investors. Property visits are a regular part of our investor due diligence process. As a result, AEP is able to eliminate construction risk to the investor.


Risk adjusted returns on LIHTC investments are attractive due to their low default rates and strong predictability of benefits. A unique aspect of Affordable Equity Partners’ investment fund offerings is our low-leverage capital structure.  AEP’s state tax credit investments are focused in Missouri, Georgia and Oklahoma where there is a dollar for dollar match on the federal credit.  As a result, the additional equity generated from state tax credits enable our strategic investments to have disproportionately low debt coverage requirements, higher quality construction material and inclusion of desirable amenities sought by residents.


Affordable Equity Partners customizes offerings to meet the unique requirements of each investor partner. We have extensive experience analyzing investment opportunities and managing LIHTC assets. A true public-private partnership allows AEP to work with investors who play an active role in addressing the needs of the community and create jobs to make a lasting social impact.


Affordable Equity Partners and its affiliated companies, which include JES Dev Co, Inc., Fairway Construction, Inc. and Fairway Management, Inc., provide a trusted relationship to our investors from construction through the investment compliance period. Our experienced team works together with developers and investors to ensure a successful partnership.

AEP’s agreements with development partners allow AEP to remove and replace the developer, contractor or property management company if performance benchmarks are not met. The ability of AEP to insert an experienced affiliate into every step of the tax credit process provides added security for investors.


With over 30 years of experience, we have built strong relationships with affordable housing advocates and civic partners. Affordable Equity Partners ensures a secure and favorable investment environment for our investor partners. By working with local and state housing officials, governmental representatives, the Department of Insurance and the Department of Revenue, we build trust, establish best practices and ensure timely implementation of each development so investor returns are in line with current regulations. These alliances create an atmosphere of good will and foster a spirit of government cooperation, marked by genuine advocacy for both developers and investors.

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