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The Rising Support for Affordable Housing

In a national survey conducted by Make Room, a national campaign giving a voice to struggling renters, many worrisome statistics concerning housing costs were uncovered:

Make Room discovered that nearly one-third of people are afraid that they will have to move within the next year because of their housing costs. The inability to afford mortgage or rent is a very real fear for many people. Not only does the lack of affordable housing affect people’s living situations, effects spread to other aspects of their lives, such as jobs or health if they are forced to move far away. Many people in the survey admitted to being forced to reduce their spending on groceries or medical care in order to be able to afford their rent or mortgage payments.

Support for more government-supported affordable housing is remarkably high as 85 percent of the 1,006 people in the survey agreed that leaders should work to create and preserve affordable homes for all.

Find out more information about the support for affordable housing here.

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