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Resident Testimonial: Pointe North Senior Village

Letitia Marlin, Resident of Pointe North Senior Village in Albany, Georgia, moved into her new apartment home in 2015 and says it is her goal to meet more of her neighbors. “I have met a couple already and it is just so nice to get to know the other people on your floor and to do things with them. It is a real treat to look forward to!” Fortunately for Letita, there are three floors totaling 59 units, so she has plenty of neighbors to meet throughout her time Pointe North Senior Village.

“A property like this will be wonderful for the community,” Letita says, “It is the first affordable independent living senior community in the area and is in a great location.” The community is located at 2703 Pointe North Boulevard near grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and doctor’s offices.

Pointe North Senior Village
Pointe North Senior Village

Letitia and her husband had already decided to downsize before they found Pointe North Senior Village. They wanted to “cut expenses, simplify life and enjoy the more pleasurable things—such as grandchildren.” She is relieved to know that when they leave town to visit family, they can rely on the security of their community to protect their home.

“One of the things we will use is the computer room and entertainment center. I look forward to socializing in the community areas and meeting new people.” Letitia and her husband love that there are so many amenities and things to do. “This lifestyle is so relaxing, and so comfortable. This type of community is the best thing for

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