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Parkview Place Residents Rally behind the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Parkview Place Apartments is an affordable community for seniors located in University City, Missouri. Affordable housing communities provide lower rent to qualifying residents and are made possible by the Missouri government’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC).

Recently, Parkview Place Apartment residents wrote down why the LIHTC Program and affordable housing is so important to them and how it has changed their lives.

One resident, Mr. B, has lived at Parkview Place Apartments for seven years. Mr. B is a veteran who has beaten cancer four times and still deals with after effects from a stroke. He solely depends on Social Security for his income.

“I could not pay my rent without housing benefits and could never afford to live safely without access to affordable housing,” Mr. B said.

Mr. B is not alone in his struggle to afford safe living. Mr. Grant, another veteran resident at Parkview Place Apartments, is very thankful for the life affordable housing has given him. Due to his time serving, Mr. Grant is considered disabled, and he is worried that due to his condition as an older, disabled veteran, he would be unable to defend himself if he lived in an unsafe area. Mr. Grant realizes how much he has to be thankful for due to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

“Without access to affordable housing, I would be homeless,” Mr. Grant said.

Parkview Place Apartments houses approximately 180 residents, all of whom are either 55 or older or disabled. Many of the residents have similar stories to Mr. B and Mr. Grant and would be left homeless if they did not have the opportunity to move into affordable housing.

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