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Ironton Estates Residents Support Local Community

Throughout the holiday season, Ironton Estates residents received the opportunity to participate in three giving programs for their local community.

Two of the giving programs were for the local Iron County Head Start, a child development program for young children from low-income families. The first giving program’s goal was to collect new socks for the children of Head Start, and Ironton Estates residents collected over 60 pairs of socks. The second donation opportunity gave Ironton Estates residents the chance to present Christmas gifts to the families of kids attending Head Start who needed help providing gifts for their children this holiday season. Some of the presents donated included: coloring books, crayons, pencils, books, playing cars and jewelry sets.

The third giving opportunity’s goal was to provide toiletries for local foster children. Residents donated shampoo, conditioner, baby oil, baby wipes, tooth brushes, tooth paste and soap.

We would like to thank our Ironton Estates residents for their charitable spirit this holiday season and their continued dedication to their community!

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