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Ironton Estates is Making News

Ironton Estates receives a laminated copy signed by state representative, Chris Dinkins, whenever the property is featured in the news.

Ironton Estates, a Fairway Management senior community located in Ironton, Missouri, is grateful for its partnership with the local newspaper, The Mountain Echo. The Mountain Echo encourages Ironton Estates to share events and photos and publishes them free of charge.

Ironton Estates shares newsworthy events with The Mountain Echo including its annual Easter egg hunt with Head Start, Wear Pink Day (for breast cancer awareness) and Wear Red Day (for heart health awareness). The newspaper also allows Ironton Estates to include photos of resident prize winners for the property’s rent drawing, perfect housekeeping, puzzle and survey contests.

Ironton Estates is also recognized by the Missouri state government when it is featured in the news. The local state representative, Chris Dinkins, writes the property a personal note, including the state seal from her office, and sends laminated copies of the photos and news items published by The Mountain Echo.

Ironton Estates appreciates the opportunity to share more about its events and residents with the community. The property is thankful for its relationship with both The Mountain Echo and Chris Dinkins and cannot wait to see when it will make the news next.



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