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Building Better Homes: Helping Those in Need while Preserving the Environment

Affordable Equity Partners’ affordable, quality homes not only benefit the communities they are located in, but they benefit the environment as well. Many of our Georgia communities are part of the EarthCraft program, a green building certification program that serves the Southeastern United States.

EarthCraft offers smart building solutions to maximize performance, efficiency and comfort while also reducing a building’s overall impact on the environment. EarthCraft provides a family of programs specifically tailored for different building types and environments. The certification process, which includes environmental performance, indoor air quality, building durability, comfort and affordability, can be applied to a variety of structures.

Over the past 18 years, EarthCraft has certified more than 40,000 homes, multifamily units and commercial spaces. Fairway Management is proud of its partnership with EarthCraft and hopes to build even more affordable and environmentally friendly communities in the future. Learn more about the EarthCraft program here.

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