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Americans Unite in Plea for Affordable Housing

In the MacArthur Foundation’s 2016 Now Housing Matters Survey, the organization’s fourth annual survey of housing attitudes, the results show that most people think housing affordability is a problem.

Housing affordability issues are currently on a majority of people’s minds with 60 percent of respondents classifying housing affordability as a serious problem and 68 percent saying that it is more difficult to obtain housing today than in previous generations.

Not only is finding housing a concern for many people, but staying current on payments is also a persistent issue. Almost 25 percent of the survey respondents have had to take on an additional job or more hours to pay for their housing. Additionally, 19 percent of respondents can no longer save for retirement because of housing costs, 17 percent have gone into debt and 11 percent have reduced their health care to pay for housing.

While the outlook for affordable housing may seem bleak, Americans are optimistic about the solutions to the problem.

The majority of adults agree that actions can be taken to solve housing affordability problems. Americans believe that much of the responsibility for affordable housing should fall on elected officials. In fact, 63 percent of adults do not think the affordable housing issue has received enough attention from the presidential candidates this year.

Of the many different policy changes proposed in the survey, most respondents supported revising the tax code to help middle-income families afford housing, more housing support for low-income families and incentivizing developers to build more affordable housing units.

Americans have begun to set aside their differences and join together on the issue of affordable housing. With so many people requesting action, the outlook for affordable housing seems hopeful as the government and more businesses begin to listen.

Read the full report here.


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