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2020 Employee Recognition

Every year in December, JES Holdings holds an employee recognition and staff meeting to recognize our dedicated employees. This year, we held the event virtually.

The virtual event featured executives highlighting accomplishments from 2020, upcoming endeavors for 2021 and teams who have been essential to our success throughout the year.

Our annual employee recognition provides an opportunity to recognize employees who have been with the JES Holdings family of companies for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. View this video to see all of our successful employees who are celebrating one of these milestones this year!

In addition to the service awards presented at our annual ceremony, there are five notable awards given out to employees nominated by their peers and management teams. Congratulations to the outstanding winners of our 2020 achievement awards!

Michelle Sharp Outstanding Achievement Award
Awarded to Tonya Lynch

In honor of Michelle Sharp, a dedicated employee of AEP, the Michelle Sharp Outstanding Achievement Award was created in 2008. This award recognizes a deserving individual, nominated by employees and chosen by directors, who exemplifies strong leadership qualities and dedication. This year’s recipient was FWC Cost Coordinator Tonya Lynch.

Roger Garner Recognition Award
Awarded to John Hargis

Each year, the Roger Garner Recognition Award is presented to an outstanding JES Holdings employee, who demonstrates qualities of patience, dignity, kindness and overall dedication to their job. The award was established in honor of Fairway Construction employee Roger Garner in 2011. This year, the award went to FWC Superintendent John Hargis.

Rookie of the Year Award
Awarded to Sarita McCann-Ruffin

The Rookie of the Year Award, an award given to an employee who has held their current position for less than 18 months and has made a significant contribution in their current role, was given to FWC Contract Coordinator Sarita McCann-Ruffin.

BEAR Award
Awarded to Anna Tayon

The BEAR Award, given to an employee who has made a significant contribution that has resulted in a positive financial impact, went to FWM Senior Accountant Anna Tayon.

Sherry Gudde Award
Awarded to Ana Cuellar

Finally, the Sherry Gudde Award was created in 2018 in memory of Sherry Gudde. This award is presented to a Capital Health Management employee who best exemplifies Sherry’s outstanding qualities of optimism, compassion, patience and dedication for those in need. This year’s recipient was CHM Director of Nursing Wilshire at Lakewood Ana Cuellar.

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